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Chord Whore refers to any band that only strum chords in their songs. Most usually, they play the same chords over and over again. This term is often said of bands such as nickelback. The lyrics are simplistic and mentally handicapped just like everything else related to the band. Simplistic and minimalistic are often confused. Minimalistic has reason behind it. Simplistic, in music, is a lack of talent.
Boy 1: Did you hear that new nickelback song on the radio.
Boy 2: Yes, and it sucked they played the same three chords over, and over again with no talent damn Chord Whore's.
Boy 1: Watch me play the song on my acoustic!
Boy 2: F U I'm going to listen to Far Beyond the Sun and Evil Eye by Yngwie Malmsteen.
Boy 1: *strum strum stum* yeah i did it!
by twinbladedfury April 27, 2009
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