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A mental disorder caused by excessive play of world of warcraft,runescape.mosty caused by mmorpgs it is not only limited to them.The symptoms witch might indicate you have this disorder are but are not limited to:

1:Heavy game play time,around 16-20 hours a day

2:excessive use of the words noob,fail,epic fail and uber

3:easily upset even if a player does the slightest wrong move such as not killing a boss their way(even if you succeed)

4:very little patients for other players learning how to do something.

5:easily annoyed by players making stupid jokes

6:constant need to bitch about everything

7:thinking jokes like kicking someone out of a guild is funny

8:people putting thums down on this definition
a normal day playing world of warcaraft with people who have choob syndrome:

dude1:yes we killed that boss
choob1:NO! that was fail you noob you did not take down the adds first.
dude1:but we did it a new way i thought of and a knew it would work and it did.
choob1:fuck you,your ass is out of here.
(kicks dude1 from group)
choob2:look at this staff i got it SOoooo uber cool
choob1:i know dude it is, i just kicked someone out of my guild LAWLLAWLLAWLLAWL
(move forward through the dungeon)
dude2:i don't know how to kill this boss
choob2:WTF you need to know how to do this you ass hole
dude2:but this new dungeon came out today!
(kicks him from group)
(moves further through dungeon)
choob2:WTF why did you loot that
dude3:i need it for my off spec did any of you guys need it?
choob2:no,but its main spec only!
(kicks him from group)
choob1:incoming enemy!
(wipes group,first wipe)
choob2:that was an epic fail!!!!(leaves group)
(all choobs leave group)
dude4:quiters i spent 2 hours waiting to get this group to get put togeter and you all just leave half way through when we are doing all good,fucking ass holes........
by anti-antiman February 18, 2010
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