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Verbal game played with at least 2 people.
Joking game played with friends.
Saying something obviously wrong to make someone jump in and correct you with the right answer.
Object of game is to get the other person(s) to bite on the hook (joke).
Rules: There are 3 rules.
1: you can make the person your playing the joke on "Chomp".
2: the person who you are playing the joke on can reverse it back to you. (Reverse Chomp)
3: the person you are playing the joke on say "No Chomp"
Points can be awarded for every Chomp and Double points to anyone who "Reverse Chomps" the Person playing the joke.
No points are awarded for a "No Chomp"
Can be played for Points, Drinks, Arm Punches or just Bragging Rights.
Here are some Examples of the Chomp Game:

(Chomper) β€œHey Kid, I can't get a ride from the Airport to your house. Can you come pick me up?" (Chompee)"Yeah I’ll be right there"
(Goes out to his can and your standing in front of it.)CHOMP
(Chomper)"Hey Duke, I drank the last beer!" (Chompee)"No way! I bought 2 cases!"(Goes to the Fridge and sees a lot of beer) CHOMP

Changing every clock in the house and telling your sleeping brother who just went to sleep 1 hour ago after a night of partying that it's time to get up and take you to the Airport. If he gets out of bed and gets dressed and is ready to take you then that’s a CHOMP.

Examples: Reverse Chomp

(Chomper)"I got tickets to Van Halen dude! (Chompee)"I got tickets too in the 8th row sec D!" Chomper(now Chompee)"Awh man you really got tickets?!" Chompee(now Chomper)"REVERSE CHOMP DUDE!"

(Chomper)"Yo man your car is stolen" (Chompee)" NO WAY!!" "WHERE IS IT!!!?” Chomper (now Chompee)"HA ha" "its right over here dude" (Car really now missing) "Dude where's your car?" "I moved it right HERE!" Chompee (Now Chomper) "Ha HA I moved it some where else when you weren't watching" "REVERSE CHOMP!!"

Examples: No Chomp

(Chomper)Hey it's 2:00 o'clock we better go (really only 1 o'clock)
(Chompee)NO Chomp

(Chomper) "Dude my plane's going to be late due to weather"
(Chompee)"No Chomp" "I called the Airlines and your flight is on time"
by Marcello Trejo February 14, 2008
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