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Short for Chomosaurus Rex, this is a student that is college bound who resembles a cross between a velociraptor, a child molester, and a human. This individual has skinny, bony, fingers a somewhat long pointy nose and has no ambition ever to actually finish college! They sign up for classes every semester, show up for the first two weeks, and sporadically show up for the rest of the semester only to be able to register for classes for the next upcoming term.
"Dude, who is that guy?"
"Charlie, that is Matt. He is a Chomosaur can't you tell?"

"Oooh, ok I see the resemblance. I hardly ever see that kid in class."
"Exactly! One of the many features of a top notch Chomosaur."
by Ghostbustersfreak March 26, 2010
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