Name by which collegiate football fans use when referring to the Univershity of Oklahoma. This Big XII, So. Conf., team has repeatedly failed laughably, to attain ANY level of the hype it annually earns going into ANY of their BCS games, courtesy of Coach "Big Game" Bob Stoops.
Fan #1: "We Sooners are ranked #1 again, and as always, BCS bound!"
Fan #2: "Damn, another national audience to "Big Game" Bob's Chokelahoma?!"

Sooner: "HaHa: Texas, we're ranked higher, only the BEST play in the Champs game!"
Longhorn: "OU SUCKS! Utterly bereft of sportsmanship & lacking class, Sooners run-up scores for ranking. Soundly whipping you on a neutral field with class & honor intact, we'll enjoy watching Chokelahoma embarrass themselves once again! Hook'Em Horns!"
by OU5UX February 23, 2009