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It is these three emoji's in order. The shocked emoji, you know the one with the blue head and the hands are on its face, the spit emoji but it has the be the one with three drops and finally to finish it off you have the tongue emoji, which represents its mouth. Now to actually define this combo. It is referred to a male or female and bitch is used broadly. Yes its vulgar and its meant to because, creativity and freedom of speech. It may also be used if you are secretly coding something to you significant other to do later on in the evening ;), in other words its a fetish in a emoji form!
P1: Dont piss me off

P2: (enter choke a bitch and spit in his/her mouth emoji)
P1: What the Fuck is that?
P2: Thats what im going to do to you in emoji form of an emoji!
by Not Jack :) March 02, 2017
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