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A novel written by the American author Chuck Palahniuk, whose other works include Fight Club, Survivor, and Invisible Monsters. It was published in 2001. The novel gives us a glimpse into the mind of sex-addict Victor Mancini as he cares for his ailing mother, and releases his anger and abandonment issues by going to sex addict meetings and getting with the many women there. Victor is also a con-man who goes into restaurants and makes himself choke, people save him and feel responsible for him after saving his life, and gives him money to help with his fake cash-flow problems. Praised for it's fearlessness to go where many readers feel uncomfortable and it's incindiary writing style that allows us to be projected into a sex-addict's life, Choke is no doubt one of the greateset works of American fiction.
"We are not born perfect sinners or perfect knock-offs of God."

"Just keep asking yourself: What would Jesus not do?"

-Victor Mancini, Choke (novel)
by Fight Clubber February 24, 2009
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