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A day of humbuggery, weed smoking and heavy consumption of meats and cheeses. Chinese food is the traditional food of Chodesmas and rum is the traditional drink. Chodesmas should be celebrated with slutty Craigslist women who play the part of frisky elves. Pajama pants and ridiculous sweaters are traditional Chodesmas garb and many like to celebrate Chodesmas by watching bootleg TV shows on the internets or partaking in holiday dickings. It is a day of nonsense and shenanigans celebrated in Southern Indiana and parts of Kentucky on Dec. 25. Its origins are unknown.
Frank: "Merry Chodesmas!"

Joe: "You mean Christmas?"

Frank: "No, Chodesmas." "It is celebrated with meats and cheeses and scandalous internet women." "Lots of rum and weed is is consumed and their is much frolicking and merriment."

Joe: "Merry Chodesmas motherfucker!"
by Vinnieguggs December 24, 2011
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