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Often, but not always of the baby boomer generation, a choctopper is anyone who has destroyed the opportunities for the younger generations of the world through their contribution to climate change, environmental degradation a decreasing opportunity to enter the real estate market, over casualalition of the workforce, right wing political views, racism, sexism, homophobia etc and for some unknown reason is eligible and entitled for a free choc top at the Edge Cinema, Katoomba every Monday morning.
Choctoppers are known to attend fancy art auctions and bid on expensive peices of art that they don't understand, then invite their neighbour to come and see it. (*Their neighbour works four jobs at minimum wage to pay off their uni debt and feed their children whilst living in unstable housing and surviving on mi goreng noodles, but nods and smiles when they see the art, because choctoppers are renowned for being easily offended and may call the local council and complain about their bins or dogs or general existence if they don't abide)
"That fucking choctopper only uses their holiday house one weekend a year while struggling families can't find a rental property"
"Fucking choctoppers, You don't need one item per bag! "
"God dammit, you choctopper, why are you watering your grass?
"Oi! It's OK, all sorted, I've borrowed my mum's ladder, fucking choctoppers, of course they own ladders. For their houses. That they own outright. Unlike us. Ever.... bloody choctoppers.
by Photomofobm April 05, 2018
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