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1. The faeces of a portuguese man or woman with added sweetener. Normally thrown at Spanish or German tourists infiltrating central Lisbon, the heart of Portuguese Chocolate.
2. When two males are engaged in a sexual activity usually between father and son, resulting in the spreading of portuguese chocolate (not in the sense of toast).
3. Portuguese Chocolate is the resultant eating disorder that the son will receive after engaging in such an activity which results in him growing at an enormous and disgusting rate. By the time a 'choclatierra' reaches the age of 25 he is a large mass of skin and fat with all limbs minus the head consumed by his ever growing body or Mega-Rosario as doctors have described.
4. Mega-Rosario's have a distinct talent for mediterranean languages

The translation means Portuguese Chocolate
"Oh ya, I heard they sell Portuguese chocolate at Chiquitos"

"My dad gave me portuguese chocolate"

"I threw the Chocolato de Portugal at the spanish guy"

"Yeah, I gave my son portuguese chocolate and look at him now, I'm gonna enter him into competitions he's so f**king huge, 1.25 tonnes can you believe it"


"I can't believe you left me in this class with all these C and D grade students, I'm so glad I have my Portuguese Chocolate though it makes me better than the rest, somehow, I feel, others may disagree, but I think being a blob is attractive and nice"

"when my sons born I can't wait to give him some Portuguese chocolate"
by Marcel Van Crumpton September 28, 2006
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