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1.)a phrase that can be used as a greeting. It has no definite definition.

2.)Expletive that can be used for any situation
3.)Known to enhance the movie To Kill A Mockingbird
Person #1: "Hey bro"
Person #2: "Chocolate Chunk My Ass"

Teacher: "Pop quiz today! This counts as 100 points!"
Student: "Chocolate Chunk My Ass!"

Atticus Finch: "You're gonna hear some ugly talk about this in school. But I want you to promise me one thing: Chocolate Chunk My Ass"

Miss Maudie Atkinson: "Jem"
Jem: "Yes Ma'am"

Miss Maudie Atkinson: "I don't know if it will help saying this to you... some men in this world are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us, like that one time when Atticus Finch Chocolate Chunked My Ass"
Jem: "Oh, well"
by Mr.Gibls November 14, 2010
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