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When you and your significant other are sitting in a car shooting back and forth different sex positions, the chocolate ostrich is bound to come up.

Probably originated in the mid-west, by someone with a common name like John or Tara. The chocolate ostrich is a rare known sexual position.
The chocolate ostrich is performed by a man standing behind woman, the woman then stretches her head to the floor and buries it in pillows while the man proceeds to shove his, rather large, penis up her ass.

This position is widely common and usually practiced among the homosexual community, but has recently been picked up by many straight men named Donald and is spreading like wild fire to all sex lives!
(Guy) "Welcome to the party!"
(Friend) "Thanks. What the hell is going on here??"
(Guy) "Oh that!? Chocolate Ostrich, pretty sweet, huh!?"
(Friend) "Do you think Priscilla can do that?!"
(Guy) "Hmmm... It's worth a shot. You better get some BIG pillows and wrap that shit!"
by imonaboatmfer May 08, 2010
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