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a.k.a. The Triple C

When a man does not shower for a lengthy period of time allowing him to accumulate a healthy deposit of smegma on his penis. He then follows by having anal sex causing
said smegma to rub off and accumulate in and around the anus which then dries and crustifies causing a blockage. This results in a brutal case of constipation and backed-up feces against the cheesy anus cork.
Tammy: "Trixie, you're not looking too good...what's wrong?"
Trixie: "I let this guy go through the back door last week, and I've been feeling like crap ever since."
Tammy: "Did he happen to smell really bad?"
Trixie: "Actually'd you know?"
Tammy: "Ah got Triple C'ed..."

Wendy: "Doc, I haven't been able to go boom boom for quite a while now..."
Doctor: "Let me take a look...holy moly, you've got a Chocolate Cheese Cork."
Wendy: "Sweet Cheesus...not again."
Doctor: "Wait here, I'm gonna find some nachos!"
by t-rex machine August 19, 2011
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