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Relating to both homo and straight anal sex, it is when the receiver takes a shit and doesn't wipe their arse before being bummed.

The giver is then "Banging the Chocolate Cheese."

See also: bumming, sodomy, anal sex and fudge packer.

Girl: Aw! I've run out of bog roll and have just had a massive cack

Boy: That's OK. I'm a chocolate cheese banger!

Girl: Result!

Gay Boy 1: Hey Boris! Don't wipe your arse, I'm up for some CCBing!

Gay Boy 2: OK! I'll poo in the bed and put it in your bum so I can CCB you too!

Innocent Bystander: AW FUCK NO! YOU SICK BASTARDS!!!
by CCB Lover January 02, 2011
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