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This is a synonym for the anus which is typically used in porn. It is referring to the fact that a nice arsehole is often a tasty treat, as well as a functional tool for shitting.

It is usually used when referring to the very neat and tidy arsehole of a young female pornstar, often during the performance of a rimjob. However it is also used to refer to arseholes of any denomination, colour, size, shape, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.
"Oh wow, don't you have a neat little arsehole! I can't wait to dig my tongue right into your chocolate bon-bon factory!"
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by Azbo The Great! March 13, 2017
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The colloquial term usually used by Northern British or Scottish men when referring to a woman's rectum.
Usually used during anal intercourse.
"I heard that James Wheal got raped in the chocolate bon bon factory and enjoyed it! What a gaylord."
by joepillai16 May 25, 2014
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