A derogatory nickname for Orchard Beach, the only beach located in the borough of the Bronx in New York CIty. Known for its' loud music, trash-laden sands (during high season in summer months), the dark and often smelly waters of the Long Island Sound, it is frequented by many Bronxites and locals from April to early October.

Due to the abundant number of "hoochies" (horned up females hunting for dick) dressed in skimpy bikinis, bathing suits, or shorts, many male patrons are on the look-out for "cho-cha" (Spanish slang for "vagina" or "pussy".)
There is no chance in hell I am going to spend my summer at Chocha Beach. That's a welfare version of the Hamptons.
by TheLWord75 March 9, 2020
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Chocha refers to the beautiful honeycup known as the female yoni. It is an ancient Taino (indigenous peoples of Puerto Rico) slang word which calls to the English-speaking mind a conch. Nay, it is that sweet human shell from which we all came. If you're still at a loss, it's a twat.

When paired with the word "beach" the phrase becomes a euphemism for swimming in the seas of said sweet human shell, or, as the kids say, muff diving.

One can go to "chocha beach" but one can still fail at it in general. One who swims particularly well at "chocha beach" is a blessed, blessed soul for whom there are no limitations. Yea, verily, they are to be treasured.

One would be remiss to not mention the many Eastern Sea Board residents who commonly refer to the polluted Orchard Beach as "Chocha Beach" for it's foul odor. But that is a hateful expression, playing upon the false notion that women be nasty.
"Gurl, I could tell he hadn't had many swimming lessons when he went to Chocha Beach last night."

"I'm telling you, muthafucka best bring out the floaties because he owes me some deep sea diving at Chocha Beach."
by DianasaurusWrecks July 27, 2011
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