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A Western NY phenomena; the so-called "Chippewa Guido" represents an amalgamated term used to disparage a group of men who walk the line between homosexual and heterosexual and who frequent the ale houses along West Chippewa St. in Buffalo, NY. As the name implies, this group is represented by "men" of roughly Italian origin however, in recent years some of both Middle Eastern and Latino decent may also join their ranks based on considered adoption of meterosexual fashion.

A Chippewa Guido can be recognized by several key traits. The first is hair gel - the more the better. The second is that they are inordinately loud, and will scream at helpless televisions despite the fact that the people on the TV cannot hear them. Third, they talk about their sexual conquests incessantly.

As to mating, one or more Chippewa Guido's will often attempt to approach on a single lady or group of ladies and will then will attempt to enthrall them using a semi-erotic courtship display. The prevalence and success of such acts weather or not they result in coitus are used within the group establish pack-dominance.
Roger : I fucking hate this bar, it cost me 10$ to get in and the whole place is stuffed with sausage.

Helen : It's not as bad as you think look at the Chippewa Guido’s over there. I don't think they are a threat to you.

Roger : Your thinking sword fighting ?

Helen : I'm just saying. When men hook up, you win. I mean look at this place there are more men than women, but most of these dudes are probably going home together.

Roger : You make an excellent point, but I really don't like the way that Turkish dude is looking at my package. Let's get the fuck out of here.
by Darker January 21, 2010
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