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A chingstah is a wanna-be Asian gangster. Kind of similar to a poser. Made famous via the video created by NigaHiga on YouTube, 'I'm a Chingstah'.
Girl: Wow look at that guy. He thinks he's soo amazin.
Girl 2: Ugh, I know, what a chingstah.
by Legitly Crisp September 12, 2009
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Asian gangsta wanna-bes. Their gang sign is also the peace sign (the middle and index finger raised while all other fingers are down). Also known to call each other "niggers" alot and wear baggy clothing and bling themselves out.

Chingstahs can usually be found working in their Uncles chinese restaurant or looking cool while leaning against their moms cars bobbing their heads to 2Pac music.
Chingstah 1: "Waz up niggah!?"

Chingstah 2: "Chillin' in da hood bruh"

*Chingstah 1 joins Chingstah 2 leaning on the car and they both proceed to bob their heads.
by The Gentleman Devil January 10, 2010
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1. china gangster
2. asian wannabe
I'm a Chingstah
I'm an asian wannabe
I don't hang with the G's, I just roll with the C's
When I skip down the street, all the people, they see
A super badass Chingstah, they wannabe me.
I run with scissors! I break the rules!
I drink when I drive! I loiter in schools!
I'm a hardcore thief, I steal but don't share!
I don't need to build my rep, cus I just built a bear!
by aureus1988 December 28, 2011
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