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When a Chinaman creates something that looks legit on the surface, but has no real substance in reality. Examples include renovating only the front facade of an otherwise crumbling building, or baby formula that is laced with melanine (which causes kidney stones and/or death) to boost the protein content when tested for nutrition. Done to look good on paper, but with detrimental results.
Vince: Hey man, you bought a Nintendo Wii?
Robert: No, it's a Vii. Comes preloaded with games. And the controller's a Handybar, not a Wiimote. But it costs only 1/5 as much as the Nintendo.
Vince: What a Chinese front. The graphics look worse than a NES..

As Jason rinsed his eggplant in the sink, the water suddenly turned dark purple. At that point, he realized that the eggplant had actually been spray-painted at the supermarket. Jason had just fallen victim to a Chinese front.

The Caucasian CEO of the electronics firm gave a great keynote speech at the business convention. Unfortunately, he was actually a paid actor. The firm decided to pull this Chinese front to fool investors into thinking it was European.

Neil: Why is that Nokia in the display so cheap?
Ted: Look carefully. It's a NokLa. And what's a Z97? It's a Chinese front!
by Slammer111 January 04, 2014
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