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The act of applying crazy glue to the inside of one's foreskin prior to "docking" (see also: docking), thus creating a Chinese finger trap effect, hence the name Chinese weiner trap.
Dude, last night I got caught in a Chinese wiener trap and ripped the tip of my dick off trying to get it out.
by James' Adam's Apple April 27, 2011
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A Chinese Wiener trap is when you and a friend go balls deep in a newborn kitten, one dives into the mouth, the other dips into the buttcheckks, the younger the tighter of course! Now you will both rupture through the heart, and splooge into eachother's meatus by this time you will both yank out of your respective ends violently and attempt to rip the little rascal in half, if failed please repeat all previous steps with a new kitten. If successful the rear end plugger should be out clean and the upper lip plumber should be left with fangs in the foreskin.
Me and a friend went and bought some kittens to perform Chinese Wiener Traps on.
by Orion Woodward November 11, 2017
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