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a young chinese male who goes to my high school and obsesses over a friend of mine *Amanda P* and uses the word.... "gorgeous" about her

he also *no joke* wears women's clothing

he prefers women pants over men's because

they fit better and are tighter

and pretzels stick to his head when hot

i know first hand

he also tries to run me over in his car almost every day on the way to my bus

he is satan's ugly cousin who never wears anything except skin tight shirts from Hollister because he's emo like that

he also spends lots of time at the Digital Mayhem place where the nerds and goth and band kids pay tons of money to sit at a computer for 20 minutes before paying tons of money again
HOLLISTER WORKER: Hello young fellow!Can I help you?
TIM: No..I don't need help. Do I look like I need help?
HOLLISTER WORKER: Well, you are in the women's department!
by Adriana Nazzy <33 April 21, 2005
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