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When you're in a North American city and find yourself swarmed by a gang of gangling, slanty eyed rice farmers who proceed to grunt and moan while entrapping the nearest white person in their circle.

The next part of the chussling process involves the youngest of the mongoloid creatures spewing soya sauce over the trapped citizen, as a defence mechanism to prevent escape.

The group of googly eyed slopes often masturbate to the proceedings. Finally, the fishheads molest and grope the white citizen, and the oldest gook attempts to procreate to end their bloody existence.
Dave: Oh man you're late! Was the commute out of the city bad?

Scott: Nah man, I had to blow some gangly group of starving fishheads when they caught me up in their Chinamans Chussle in the dirt-poor shit part of the city. Thank god most of them will die of starvation.
by rexrexor June 14, 2018
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