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1. A country that uses psychological warfare to make up for its penis size and puts all its energy into building a statue of war and not actually doing it. A country that fronts products, attitude, and keeps the Western World perpetually in debt with a landfill full of garbage, making the free world look more and more like India. ie. Please see Missy Elliot's use of the word frontin.
2. Western adult diversion behavior that shifts the blame to something imagined.
3. Someone who thinks they are funny, but are just flat out mean, rude, and boastful to cover up for their lack of genuine confidence.
1. Hippies wanted India. Thanks to China Syndrome Spectrum Disorder, we can live in their landfills, swim in hippy debt, and move the towns WALLMART sign over to the Sanitation Department.

2. Grandma pops a water pill, a cholesterol pill, and heart meds after eating Chinese Food and says she is allergic to MSG. But, what do you expect when you eat dried up fried chicken in day old oil, covered in a cup of sugar and a cup of salt for 8 dollars a pop. I think she has China Syndrome Spectrum Disorder (CSSD)
3. I just read three of the unfunniest definitions on Urban Dictionary. One was Hottbutt Kim Cho and consisted of a girl bragging about how cool and sweet and sour she was; when you know she can't find the way out of her house with those eyes. The other was a copy of my post China Syndrome Spectrum Disorder and it went on and on and on about how Chinaβ€” the land of junk, plastic, and smog is going to kick the Western World's butt. They might try to manufacture some COMEDY, because they aren't FUNNY ONE BIT with their pathetic online mobbing.
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by HearMyName June 05, 2018
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