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FASHIONPERGERS (FS), also known as Fashionsperger's syndrome or Fashionsperger's disorder, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in caring about social attire, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of dress that fly in the face of the Fashionable, especially the interests of those afflicted with the opposite and equally demented, "me-too syndrome" (often the direct descendants of the crossing of a human and a sheep).
Cindy: Oh wow! Did you see Sally wearing that burlap sack and the mismatched crocs at the Rave last night?

Jim: ROFL YES! Her FASHIONSPERGER'S was on full display last night. Gotta love that Sally! LOL!

Cindy: She sure showed those pukes over at Yahoo's SHINE and Cosmo's Worst Dressed List a thing or two!!!
by Schmedley99 January 03, 2013
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