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Chin Ii Sou: a sick freak, from the anime/manga Saiyuki, who has a strange obsession with the murderer of his Clan. Cho Hakkai, or formally know as Cho Gonou. The murdered Youkai, or demon after being stabbed in the stomach by Cho Gonou took a incanted Mong Jong piece or a Shikigami and placed it in the wound, turning himself into a living corpse, to later get his revenge on Cho Gonou.The enranged Youkai wanted to break Gonou's spirt not kill him for his revenge. In doing this he decided to kill the Youkai's companions. Sha Goyjo, Son Goku, And Genjo Sanzo. But all attempts were futile.
And the Youkai was killed again by Cho Gonou. And the Sanzo Party contiuned thier journey west.
Sanzo: "He doesn't plan to kill Hakkai. He plans to destroy his spirt."
Chin Ii Sou's Puppet: "Cho Gonou, Cho Gonou you will die."
Hakkai: "There is one difference between you and the rest of your clan. I get to kill you twice."
by Ekari July 15, 2006
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