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A condition which occurs immediately following the consumption of a large chimichanga during the lunch break from a boring office job. Upon returning to work, the affected chimichanga eater becomes unproductive, listless, and a generally worthless employee. In essence, the chimichanga eater has entered a coma-like state, which is generally not fatal, and to which there is no known cure. Scientists have confirmed that the condition is caused when most of the body's blood is sent to the stomach to digest the massive deep fried burrito.
John: "Why won't Jay answer his phone?"

Heather: "Oh Jay has a chimicoma. He had the lunch special at Valle Luna's today."

John: "His head is down and he is drooling."

Heather: "Don't worry about it. He'll snap out of it in about an hour."
by Di Nacho May 05, 2009
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