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A town in Texas, close to the Oklahoma state line, but not so close that it smells like Oklahoma. Home to morons who think it's cool to wear their prison guard uniform at all times as if it actually means something to work for minimum wage at the prison. There are also douchebags that drive diesel pickups and pull 40' cattle trailers containing one horse (with saddle) at all times. These same douchebags are 90 days behind on their diesel pickup payments.
Childress is also home to a smattering of chain restaurants and locally owned eateries, all of whose food all tastes like it was warmed underneath the same 300watt bulb.
Childress is famed for it's successful hospital, employing underpaid niggers that can't buy their own homes, a 100 year old newspaper owned by a self-important former cocaine addict, and the newly added 501 winery to serve Childress' many alcoholics.
Most of the population is relatively unattractive, yet kind and they try to make you feel at home even if you're an asshole.
Damn I need to take a dump. I'll stop in Childress Texas before I cross into Oklahoma....they don't have room for any more shit over there.
by billybaptist January 25, 2011
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