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One of, if not the best choir in Maryland. Extremely challenging and ambitious choir, practices for five and half hours a week, and travels overseas during the summer. It's set up like a school, and you have an hour of class and an hour of choir for every practice. You have to audition to get it and if accepted, you are placed into a class level. The highest class is Solfa Four, and once you complete that year, you graduate from the choir. There are three choirs, Treble Choir (Beginners), Lyric Choir (intermediate), and Concert Choir (advanced). They've sung all over the country as well as in other countries as well. There is a wide range of personalities and ages, but all are brought together through their love of music. They are sometimes mistaken for "Maryland Sings", another Maryland choir, but they are ABSOLUTELY not. Not even close. In fact, when asked that they respond with an emphatic "NO". It's run and was started by Betty Berteaux, an acclaimed composer, acknowledged worldwide. They do a wide variety of music and just basically rock in general.
"He is a tree"
"You wouldn't understand, it's a CCM reference."

"And now introducing, the Maryland Children's Choir"
"NO. It's the Children's Chorus of Maryland. How hard is it to get it right?"

"...Mangez Les Enfants de France"
"This is why consonants matter"
by Roger Bobo November 30, 2011
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