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very handsome. If you respect him he will respect you. When something goes wrong he fix it right away. If you do something wrong to him he will tell you straight up. He cleans all the time. He can be nice and have a good personality. He is scary when he yells. Never make him him mad. Chieu can mean generous. He will protect the ones he love. Chieu can be charming or a lady's man. He's also very strong. Chieu is a picky man.
Chieu is picky !
by Ashskxikwjslwmdj January 06, 2014
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A word used to express agreement with something, or otherwise known as Yea. Sounds like Cha. Said in a douche-baggy tone.
Bro did you see that chicks ass?
Chieu man, Chieu
by cilantrocantante January 19, 2012
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