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Chiefland is a small town on the Gulf coast of FL. It has roughly 5,000 people. It is home to the best people in the world. Most people from Chiefland are either successful or go to jail. The high school, middle school, and elementary school are all named Chiefland. The largest store is a Wal-Mart, which grossed over a billion dollars and at one time was the most profitable Wal-Mart in the world. People from surrounding communities are so envious of Chiefland that they come sit in our parking lots just to soak up the awesomeness. One of the most famous people in Chiefland is Travis Montgomery, whom is an accomplished rap star as well as a highly skilled video producer. The most notable person is Chase Brookins who is a pimp, thug, lady's man, break dancing prodigy, accomplished scientist, Olympic swimmer, master chef, and last but not least owner of the Myas Chinese resturaunt. With such famous figures in town, it's hard to see why anyone would leave (without being in handcuffs).
Chiefland, FL is a city.

Son: Dad what is Chiefland?

Dad: It's that bomb place where Travis Montgomery and Chse Brokkins live. It's a city without limits and police without training.

The most awesome town in FL is called Chiefland.

Chiefland High School has a bomb Twerk Team.

Chiefland is a city in FL, and they have boiled peanuts.

What's that town called? Chiefland.
by Mr. Mcflurry May 03, 2016
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