Chief Wahoo is the mascott for the Cleveland Indians.

The Indians had a kick ass team from 1994 until around 2002 then they started to fall apart. They are still a damn good franchise and the city of Cleveland wouldn't be the same without them.

As always there are many haters out there that try to bash Chief Wahoo. They tend to be Native groups or ultra liberal activist groups that are set out to burn all white males and piss on our ashes. I personally do not see how naming a beloved team after a group of people is raciest. When people name a team, they give them a proud name that is a symbol of strength and power.
I can't stand all of these liberal player haters fighting to destroy Chief Wahoo and any other American tradition. If they care so much about society, maybe they should clean up Cleveland's Public schools.
by Wahoo's second in command January 5, 2007
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Last night I gave the this whore a Chief Wahoo.
by Paul Larkin June 14, 2006
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