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"Chief Funster" (or if you're from Massachusetts, it's the Chief Funstahhhhh) was coined by Tourism Australia as one of "the best jobs in the world". The Chief Funster is described as the social media commentator for Sydney, Australia. The Chief Funster blogs and tweets their way around New South Wales sharing their experiences with the world. If you break it down, “chief” represents stellar leadership skills and “funster” represents the mode in which this person gets their work done. A Chief Funster is a real rock star who loves meeting new people and can have a conversation with anyone. A Chief Funster is dedicated, detail oriented and is an "all action" kind of person. The Chief Funster is ALL about the fun!!!
An example of a Chief Funster is BMAC. BMAC is a social media enthusiast who enjoys sharing her life experiences through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wordpress, Instagram, Vine, etc. As Chief Funster, it is hard to contain BMAC's enthusiasm, creativity and passion for living life to it's fullest. One a scale of 1-FUN, BMAC is Chief Funster, fun!
by BMACtastic May 06, 2013
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