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1: A word to describe homophobic men who will say anything to try to convince other people they are not gay even though they are sexually aroused by men and engage in homosexual sex.

I'm not gay I just enjoy enjoy the taste of cock and I love riding cocks that doesn't make me gay, I'm a professional chicken racer lots of people like chicken.

I'm not gay I have a girl friend. "who is transgender and still has male genitalia"

It's only gay if you take it.

2: An innuendo for having sex with a man in the cow girl position.
Examples of Chicken Racing: He's doesn't do gay pornography he is a professional chicken racer.

Are you a Chicken Racer? Yeah I love it one of my favorite hobbies "Another way of using this sexual innuendo if you or another guy is still in the closet and secretive about their sexual preference for men"
by Society Of The Fly September 06, 2016
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