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It is a revolutionary bar game that takes place when a massive amount of chicken wings are to be eaten. Usually this is done on a wing night to reduce costs.

The game is simple and this will make chicken wing night even better. The goal is to stack the chicken bones from the wings on top of each other until the tower of bones falls then the last person to place is determined to be the loser.

Typically the game is played on a small plate (5") and when more than 3 cumulative bones fall off of the plate then the loser has been determined. And like any good game when a loser is found there must be a price for losing, and usually that involves buying a plate of wings. (another reason for playing on wing night, it is cheaper to buy if you lose)

These are the basic rules and adjustment can be made, and the game really only gets fun when 100 + wings are to be eaten.

Helpful hint: Eat fast and place poorly to screw over the others after you in order to get free wings.
Bono " Man that was one awesome game of Chicken Wing Jenga last night"
Rojo "What the fuck is Chicken Wing Jenga?"
Bono "You are such a loser if you do not know what it is, maybe you should stop being a freakin hermit and drink beer and eat some wings, you pussy and you can find out"
Rojo "ooo man I had no idea, I will put on my man pants and I will be a man, and play some Chicken Wing Jenga"
by Bono1121 May 27, 2009
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