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A known individual who draws similarities to that of Moe Howard, the well known actor and comedian who starred as one of the three stooges. This individual is also distinguished by their fatal attraction to chickens, and or any known species of bird. A Chicken Moe preys upon chickens and either forces or courts them into engaging in various sexual acts in order to satisfy it's lust. There has only been one reported sighting of a Chicken Moe located in the rural area of Agency, MO. spanning from the estimated years of 1990 to 1997.
"Oh my word! Agathas been raped by a Chicken Moe!"
"Look at how that chicken Moes' got snowball in the doggystle position"
"Honey, I'm taking Yeller out with me to do some hunting. Neighbors been complainin' bout a bunch'a rapins out there on the Winchester's Farm. They're thinking it might be a Chicken Moe"
Wife: "Honey!!.... look!!!"
Husband: "What is that?"
Wife: "I think it's semen!"
Husband: "Chicken Moe!!!!!!" *whilst shaking fist to the sky"
by Dr. Catt Meowman November 06, 2010
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