The phenomena that stems from the addictive nature of raising chickens. This specific type of poultry math means that a keeper of chickens will perpetually add to the flock and always end up with more chickens than expected, even when taking into account chicken math.

Example: If a backyard chicken flock starts with four chickens just for the purpose of laying eggs, then a couple of colorful egg layers will be added, along with a couple of ornamental breeds. Once the pre-order for some of the most coveted chicks begins, a few bantam breeds will be added to the flock, the coop will be expanded and therefore there is room for a couple more. The chicken math total at that point is about six chickens.
I thought I was going to stop at six chickens, but I ordered six more, and I expanded my coop, because Chicken Math tells me I will end up with a couple dozen. (or 50.)
by boksville August 29, 2018
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