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A Liberal, knowing Chick-fil-A's open opposition to Gay marriage, yet still decides they make a mighty tasty sandwich.
Me: "Moonbeam, I was just now organically composting our refuse when I discovered a Chick-fil-A bag ... WTF?"

You: "Starshine, you know I love me some Chick-fil-A ... accept me as I am - a Chick-fil-Atheist.


Boss: "While you're out, would you pick me up a spicy chicken deluxe, but then transfer the sandwich to this old McDonald's bag so no one will notice?"

Sec'y: "The hoops I jump through for you. Mama warned me about working for a Chick-fil-Atheist!"


Dave: "See that Prius in the Chick-fil-A drive thru?"

Cate: "Such a Chick-fil-Atheist."
by Minus40Below July 31, 2012
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