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Thanksgiving is a day for dressing like a pilgrim,

Chichibongrainious is a day for giving water to William.

1. Wear a Chichibongrainious T-Shirt all day.
2. You must blame everything you do on Chichibongranious Day.
3. Say “Chichibongranious” in normal conversation as much as possible.
4. Skip to all your classes.
5. You must friend everyone on Facebook with the last name of “Granious”.
6. Order an Italian soda from Deet’s with 3 different flavors.
7. Memorize Einstein’s favorite formula…and then love it!
8. Make a Peter butter sandwich.
9. Avoid the Emergency Room.
10. Change your profile picture to Natalie Portman.
11. Mail an encouraging letter to Natalie Portman.
12. Make a cake.
13. Text everyone and tell them to celebrate with us.
14. Watch THE clip.
15. Only eat candy.
16. Eat Chi Chi’s all day and drink grainious.
17. Intranet.
18. Make Jenn participate in the festivities.
19. Teach me how to Brody.
20. Wear neon.
21. Do other miscellaneous tricks and/or tomfoolery.
22. Post friendship pictures of you with your roommate on Facebook.
23. Make Chichibongrainious a real word on spell check.
24. Go bananas!
25. Watch Step Up 2 more than once.
26. Do a pull up.
27. Learn 3 fun facts about cougars and share them with your roommate.
28. Document yourself carrying Cary.
29. Go to Stephanie Burger’s house.
30. Begin planning The Great Day of Singing.
31. Listen to the entire ‘Most Unwanted Song Ever’.
32. Watch the PBS special of Martine Dolan singing as a child.
33. Get a temporary tattoo of your favorite president.
34. Have a dance before part B.

35. Get sorted.
36. Go to McDonald’s and be ‘neither seen nor heard’.

Please note this is not a competition. Everyone wins... and everyone loses. And remember, Hokie Respect!
by dingdong222 September 11, 2011
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