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The rarest of the Homosapien-sapiens(Man who knows he knows). Found only on the Eastern Coast of Australia, but also has been known to migrate to inner lands.

This species interacts with normal society like any other human, but unfortunately, finds itself ostracized from certain groups. Luckily, it lives contently with friends from all backgrounds. Recent studies show that Cheyny, will always help a friend out and is always kind to others. It is well known for it's laziness, but also for it's empathetic, sympathetic and caring side. Cheyny is also quite intelligent, but unfortunately, rarely uses it to it's advantage, but it does revel in the odd debate/argument.

Cheyny, is a very playful species, and is mostly accepted by it's friends. Alas, sometimes it's playful nature is received as a somewhat annoyance, leading to verbal conflict, which in most cases, is resolved quite quickly.

If one ever catches a glimpse of this incredible, elusive and intiguing creature, or even to be friends with it, they should feel proud to call it so, for it will always regard them as a close friend.
by Cheyny May 10, 2009
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