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She's clever, giggly, cute, spontaneous, and very loving. Cheynna is a one in one million type of person. When you meet her, hold on to her as long as you possibly can. You'll see why.
Damn! I was so stupid for letting Cheynna go.
by tdelightt April 08, 2011
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Cheynna is a woman who is one of a kind. There is no one else out there like her. She is smart, funny and exciting to be around! People with the name Cheynna tend to be extremely tall.
Wow there's Cheynna! Now the party can begin!
by rosehawk February 05, 2010
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A woman named Cheyna can commonly be known as Shenanigans. She will consistently speak non-sense and make up historical facts about events that no one with any form of social life would care about.
Cheynna made up a tribe of Israel to earn her college degree
by horse_face April 01, 2011
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