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Chevy Xtreme

Chevrolet S-10 pickup and blazer performance package. Well technically it was still a slow POS. The Xtreme was basically an appearance package of fancy wheels, foglamps, monochromatic paint and ground effects plastic body panels that went atop a regular or extended cab S10 (with either the Fleetside or Sportside short bed) equipped with the ZQ8 suspension. If that fits your idea of what "Xtreme" is, then you probably already own one of these trucks. The Xtreme package replace the SS package in 1999 and has since been replace by the new SS version.

Stereotypically associated with Hispanics and "domestic ricers". It is usually "blinged" out with cheap rims and useless performance parts that ultimately do nothing to increase this slow trucks performance.

People who own one of these truck usually suffer from "gollum syndrome" aka "moocher syndrome" and think that this truck is rare and has some sort of real value. They speak constantly of doing engine mods and swaps yet never will because lets face it, if you own one of these truck you are either poor or have an IQ of 20. Ultimately the truck is worthless which is why Chevrolet produced less then 3000 a year.
hey look at that chevy Xtreme.

haha, what a pathetic excuse of a performance package....he has no chance against a Ford lightning or Dodge ss/t
by Brutu$ October 15, 2009
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