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Chevrolet/General Motors fan boy often characterized by his general lack of automotive knowledge and belief that Ford sucks as well as general lack of knowledge about anything other than Budweiser and Skoal products. Usually drives a Camaro, preferably a third gen, IROC-Z being the penultimate. Often found in living in trailer parks with their sister/baby mama and possibly uncle/daddy. Can also often be found on the internet trolling Ford pages talking shit and telling everyone to LS swap their Mustang because they have nothing better to do while their Camaro is in the shop for it's 7th recall.
Ford guy 1: Dude, can you believe Chevtards still think Ford took a bail out?
Ford guy 2: Well, they did take that government loan.
Ford Guy 1: Dude, don't be a Chevtard

Chevtard: My Corvette could smoke any Mustang
Ford guy: well, it should be able to, it has a much larger engine and it's a much smaller, lighter sports car while the Mustang is a pony car, back seat and all.
Chevtard: fuck you let's race
Ford guy: Fine. *wins anyway*
by DanTheUrbanDickMan October 06, 2016
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