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Chesty McMountains is the nickname given to ANY girl who has a rather ample chest. These girls often wear lowcut, revealing tops to draw the male eye towards their bosom.

Although the nickname can be given to ANY girl, it is often applied to girls with the following names:

Jessica (Jess)

Bethany (Bethan/Beth)

Rhiannon (Rhian/Rhia/Rhi)



Sarah (Sara)

Nicole (Nicky/Nikki)

As they are often the most promiscuous girls in the room.

If you are lucky enough to fall in love with a Chesty McMountains, you are in for a good time. She is fantastic in bed and a terrible flirt in public - although she does have a softer side she will only let you see.
Be prepared for a little bit of a rough time if you are the jealous type, as Chesty McMountains will flirt with EVERYBODY, so if you can't handle that, don't get into a relationship with her.
"Who's that give with the large boobs over there?"
"How do you not know!? She is Chesty McMountains!"

"You are dating Chesty McMountains!?!?!? Lucky YOU!!!"
by CaelestisXIII December 27, 2012
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