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A group that live the lifestyle of making money, getting fucked up and making friends. Unlike Taylor Gang they prefer dating over fucking random girls.

Chester Gang originated in Fairwood (a part of Renton, WA) and mostly consists of hipsters and skaters.
Taylor1: Is that dude gay? I haven't seen him hit on a single breezie!!

Taylor2: No, he has a girlfriend. That's Chester Gang. More bitches for us! I smell some good weed though let's match them!
by _masterpiece_ July 26, 2011
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An alternative to Taylor Gang, Chester Gang is a lifestyle created by some hipsters in Kent, WA. A lifestyle characterized by making money, listening to dubstep, and getting fucked up. They often partake in caraoke and really know how to cook!
Taylor Gangster: Where's your Chuck Taylors?

Chester Gangster: I got vans on bro.

Taylor Gangster: Ohh....
by _masterpiece_ June 13, 2011
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