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A character played by Doug Walker on the, the Bum reveiws current and popular movies often starting off with "oh my God, this is the greatest movie I have ever seen!", followed by explaining the plot in a very simple manner (Often with spoilers to the film). He willl some time compare himself to the characters in an comidic way. He always ends by saying " This is Chester A. Bum saying: CHANGE? YA GOT CHANGE, OH C'MON HELP A GUY OUT CHANGE!?" as he shakes a Styrofome cup in the camera's face. He made a satarical negative reveiw for "Citizen Kane" calling it the worst movie ever. But other than that his reveiws have the same set-up.
"Oh my God this is the greatest movie I've ever seen! There's this guy.."

"I was an Asian Boyscout once! That was a weird week."- From 'Up' reveiw

"Then the Nostalgima Critic got hit in his testamicles Testicles, I sure hope his testimacles were allright!"-from NC vs AVGN reveiw

"And now it's time for 'Bum Reveiws, with Chester A. Bum."- Narrorator n the begining of an episode
by Rdvd17 July 22, 2009
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