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A bird that little is known about. It is know that the chert bird's feathers are every color ever, the chert bird can fly 1000x faster than the speed of light, and the chert birds call sounds like, "cheeeeeeaaaaarrrrrt." Scholars believe that the chert bird once took a young man named Michael back in time to discover marijuana. After this journey, it has been said that Michael was the one man the chert bird entrusted its knowledge to. There are variations of the chert bird, such as the Alpha Chert, the Anti-Chert, and Herbert, even less is known about these chert bird.

It is rare that you will see a chert bird so if you do consider yourself lucky.
Chert bird (swooping down):"Cheeeeeeeeaarrrt"
Man: "Wait, what was that?"

Man 1: "I think I'm going to try to catch a chert bird for science."
Man 2: "Fuck you."

Chert Bird: "Chert."
by Drib H. Trec July 24, 2008
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