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The act of dipping ones nuts in a woman’s menstruation cycle during a heavy flow then tea bagging her forehead, leaving a red dot.
Is that bitch from India? Hell nah, she got cherry bagged by Jason because she got stupid.
by BearmanZ400 September 18, 2008
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Female version of a tea bag. Also known as a bliss kiss or pooch smooch.
Man Melissa totally cherry bagged Nathan last night after her and Barry were done!!
by SlickToxin August 08, 2010
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That you have just taken it too far. As in when Louis Vuitton came out with they're infamous bags with cherries on them...cherry bags.
**Really inebriated girl stumbles out of dorm room elevator**
Amanda(whispering): Cherry bags....

Caroline: Look guys! Amanda's so drunk she's dancing with a blind midget
Xavier: God, she's cherry bags tonight!

Caroline: Guys, I'm definetely cherry baggin'it now....
(Caroline's level of inebriation just hit her and she is FUCKED UP)
by Caribou3288 March 15, 2008
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