1.A person that you've had a crush on for longer than a year.
2.Someone who's cherry you want to crush. (pop)
3.Someone you are insanely in love with.
4.Someone who everyone loves.
Person 1: bro you like (so and so)
Person 2: ya bro for like 3 years now
Person 1: Damn dude she's your cherry crush

Person 1: Bro look at (so and so)
Person 2: ya dude she's my cherry crush.
Person 1: think you're too late on that one bro.

Person 1: (so and so) I love them so much. (he|she|it) is my cherry crush.

Person1: (so and so) god I love them
Person 2: I do too!
Person 3: SAME!!!
Narrator:(so and so) is the worlds cherry crush
by alternative_silence November 23, 2016
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Fucking a girl so hard that even if she is a virgin, she starts bleeding again.
Guy 1: I popped my girls cherry again.

Guy 2: That only happens once, dipshit.

Guy 1: Not if you just believe.

Guy 3: You mean, if you give her a California Cherry Crush.

Guy 1: ...Why don't you guys ever let me invent stuff...
by IRHMP August 28, 2016
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