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She is the most inspirational, beautiful, funny gurl in the world. If you get a cherlynthia in your life keep her. She is the life of a party. She chooses to be single. If a guy finds her they need to cuff her asap because she is a special one. Guys think she is thic and is very attractive along with that they think she has a very fun and out going personality. In a friendship she is a great friend she is loyal and fun to be around at times she does get annoying but that's because she loves you. Go to here for advice and she will give it too you she will lift you up when you fall. She will brush your shoulders off and tell you to keep trying and not give up. She loves well and is soft hearted she may seem like she is rough and tuff but truly she is human and does get beat down to cheer her up do silly things and be there for her because when she is down and having trouble it's because she is really suffering. Over all you need a girl like her in your life <3
Omg I found me a cherlynthia

Wait she is a cherlynthia keep her !!!
by Icy girl ❄❄ June 13, 2018
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