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Cheng Yen (simplified Chinese: 证严法师; traditional Chinese: 證嚴法師; pinyin: Zhèngyán Fǎshī; born 11 May 1937) is a Taiwanese Buddhist nun (bhikkhuni), teacher, and philanthropist. She is often called the "Mother Teresa of Asia." In 1966, Cheng Yen founded the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, commonly known as Tzu Chi; its motto is "instructing the rich and saving the poor". Later, Cheng Yen's Charity, Medicine, Education, and Culture Missions developed, and to the present the Tzu Chi Foundation has become involved in international disaster relief, bone marrow donation, environmental protection, and community volunteering. other than that, she is actually just a fucking bitch with an arrogant way of life trying to act kind. Lots of people hate her but she never knows. Thinks she's charming. Guys might like her but would never want to fuck her.
1. OMG that's a cheng yen?? such a bitch!!
2. Don't be such a Cheng yen!!!
by Allah lover October 08, 2011
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